Saturday, November 29, 2008

Harlow everyone! I am forced to blog by Claire Lam or she'll kill me! She forced me and I can't maple now. She just sent me a virus or bug and I can't maple! I was forced and I can't play maple! I want to level up but she forbade me to play. She acts like my parents! She controlled over my life! Ah! I am going to die from hearing her commands. Although, that's quite a lame excuse.

Since I love maple so much, I might as well talk about maple.

I want to level up to level 60 which I'm currently level 59. 60++%! About another 40% or so to level up. I intend to go further ahead and try to achieve my 3rd job advancement by end of the holidays. And I can officially be ...

A MAGE (FIRE AND POISON) Woohoo! I am anticipating that day to come. Oh! My maple can work already. LOLS!

Actually, from the start I could play already. She was the one who forced me to not play.


With lots of love,
29 November 2008

11:14 AM

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I have nothing much to blog about today. Today, my father was on MC?! LOLS! I symapthize with him. His hand was very swollen and he could not work. ~Sobs~


Okay. For the whole day, I was mapling and mapling. I felt like I was rotting and decomposing at home. But I did not want to go out too! LOLS!

In the afternoon, my father brought me to cut hair. Argh!!!!!! I hate cutting hair. You know why? That's beacause I get itches and will feel Damn uncomfortable and will pinch myself. LOLS! Luckily, the auntie was quite kind and she let me to scratch myself before she cut my hair again. Then, on the way back home, I met my friend, Kar Leong! He was playing his PSP! LOLS! I shouted at him to attract his attention. LOLS!


Nothing more to blog liao. The holidays are getting boring! Do you know?! Sometimes I would even forget to spell some simple words. LOLS! I'm getting more and more stupid as the days pass! LOLS!

PS: Sian! Tomorrow Maple can't play in the morning! ~Sobs~

With lots of love,
25 November 2008

8:04 PM

Thursday, November 20, 2008

20 November 2008


Today will be the day that I take my PSLE results. It will also be the day that I rejoice as it will be the end of of the Primary Education Chapter.

I went to school at about 11. 45am. And it was so shocking that there were so many pupils and parents seated at there already. Then, I spotted Kum Yin and we,together,went to find our seats. Not long after, we spotted Jamie and the girls and we sat in front of them.

Then, Cheryl started telling me the good news!


WOW! That's a great achievement, isn't it? When Nigel heard the news, he said that Jamie was actually fifth. Why? That's because there were 3 pupils(including Jamie) who got 284. A tie it was. So Nigel was jealous(I think) and he kept saying that Jamie was actually fifth. LOLS!

Then, after the historical-breaking news, Mrs Tan quieted us down and she started saying all the national's average and the school's average. I did not even bother to listen. Even if I were I would not be able to concentrate and would not even understand a single word. But Kum Yin, who was sitting beside me, explained to me and he said that almost everyone would pass (I think). LOLS! I was even more anxious about the results than to listen to her explaining all the statics. LOLS! But Kum Yin's words cheered me up. At least almost no one would fail.:D! Hehe! After what seemed like eternity, (and I really mean eternity) the talk had ended and we would be ready to get our results. Almost everyone was as anxious as me, some were even more anxious compared to me. But that's understandable.

Then, it was like after it seemed like eternity. The results were about to be released. Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Disaster! Catastrophe! Argh!!!!!!!! LOLS! After much consideration, I decided to go in front and look at how busy Madam Chua was and at the same time, checked if it was almost my turn to collect my results.

Soon, it was my turn. I walked steathily, reached my two hands out and uttered two word,"Thank You."

Then, I went straight to my parents and asked them to help me open the results slip. Then, I heard a crisp and chirpy voice that said,"245." What? Did I hear wrongly? 245? LOLS! Then, I tip-toed and looked at my results. It was really 245. Hooray! LOLS! Then, I did not know what overcame me and I just said,"I think I'm going to cry." In a flash of lightning, I cried. I had a mix feeling of sadness and happiness. Sadness was because of my "departure" of the school and my happiness was that everyone's hard work had indeed paid off and I think I had scored quite well for my PSLE.

My dad said," This score is good and continue to work harder."

Then, I asked some of my friends about their results before leaving for home.

I ate a very disgusting lunch and not long, I settled myself in front of the computer. Then, in the afternoon, my former Chinese teacher, signed into MSN! Hooray! She was forever busy! So if she onlined, it meant that she was not busy! LOL! She was forever busy! Then, I told her my results and soon, she said something.

"I am proud to be your teacher." Hooray! I have not only done my parents proud, my former Chinese teacher was also proud. Yay!

LOL! Subsequently, my relatives called to ask me how my results was. Yay! They were all happy!


LOL! Okay, I'm tired liao. Byes!

With lots and lots of love <3,
20 November 2008

3:43 PM

Hi guys... Today will be a short one!

I woke up and was so shocked to find that Maplestory was patching. Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!

I checked the website and they said that they would be ready by 3.30pm. I waited and waited and waited and waited. When the time reached 3.30pm, the maplestory game service was still down. I can't play. Then, I checked the website and then they said that there was some problem with the game service! LOL!

Then, at about 8.30pm, I tried and it was okay! Hooray! I played for a while before shuting down the computer.

Aiyo, I am so scared for tomorrow. May I score good marks and get into a school of my choice?! LOL!

Bye everyone. Tomorrow should be a long post! :) :D!

With lots and lots of love,
19 November 2008

2:56 PM

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hi everyone... Holidays are getting boring. Today will be a very furious post.

I am here to tell you about what my maid is doing. For today, she cooked waffles for my breakfast. Ew! The moment I saw the disgusting "mashed" waffles, I had immediately lost my appetite. The waffles were all "mashed". You would even vomit at the sight of it. Still, I ate them all up. LOLS! Her attitude sometimes is like so.... She has no sense of responsibility at all. She is the worst maid I had experience "working" with!

She is the worst maid I had ever seen. Argh!!!!!!!!! The sight of it will make you puke. Argh!!!!!!!!!

Then, I mapled and mapled and mapled and mapled.

Lunch was quite okay.

For dinner, the soup was a disaster. It was tasteless. It tasted like plain water. LOLS! The dishes were still fairly alright. LOLS!

It was kind of a bad day for me! D:

May tomorrow be better.:D

PS: I don't feel like blogging liao. Good night! ~Lights off~ -Sleep-

With lots of love,
18 November 2008

11:14 AM

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

~Sigh~ Another boring day I should say... However, going out made me feel much better. At least, I don't need to be cooped and home and just maple the whole day.

The whole morning was kind of boring. Mapled and mapled and mapled the whole morning. How I wished the time could travel faster and reach noon in a flash. Soon, it was about 11 am. I prepared myself and ate my lunch. Then, I went down happily to the MRT station but it was drizzling or raining?! (Can't remember)

At there, I met Jia Wen and Claire. Claire kept pestering me to hide from static girl's (Prisca) mother. For what?! I thought that static girl's mother did not allow her to hang out with boys. Later I knew that she did not even tell her mother that she was going out with boys. -.-! Then, Maverick came only to grumble that he was supposedly going to Kai Han's house to play what "Yugioh" or something like that. Ew! I hate these kind of violent games although I play sometimes.

Then, I was mocking Jia Wen and Maverick. Maverick kept hitting me. Ouch! It was indeed painful but who cares?! As long it's fun mocking them... Soon, the static girl came. I did not even notice her coming. LOLS! Then, I accidentally spurted out something wrong to Jia Wen. Oops! I was feeling so embarrassed but luckily Maverick pulled me away. But by the ears, ouch! It's was so painful. Then, Claire came to us asking me what happened to me. Then I explained that I did not even know that static girl was there. LOLS! Then, Claire told me that Jia Wen weaved out a lie saying that Maverick and I last-minute came. LOLS! But that's a wonderful lie, though.

Then, we were on our way to embark on a new journey... LOLS! Not a new one, but the first one. ~Laughs~ Then, we sat the train to Boon Lay to reach our destination, Jurong Point. Although I came to Jurong Point before, I wasn't that familiarise with the whole mall. Then, we went to MacDonald to eat our lunch. As I had eaten my lunch, I decided not to eat my lunch and carried on with my work. All of you should be curious with what I was doing... I was actually saving the contacts in my autograph book to my hand phone. LOLS! So I did not really watch them eat. Out of a sudden, Maverick asked everybody," Do you like eating crabs?" Then, I thought of a brilliant idea. Then I started chanting," Maverick loves to talk crap as he loves to eat crabs." Then, everyone started laughing. Maverick was like so embarrassed. Sorry, Maverick. No offence. Then, again, Claire was pestering me. But now, she wanted me to help everyone buy the movie tickets. Then, I declined the "offer". I wasn't familiarise with Jurong Point. What if I get lost?! Phew! Soon after, we missed the show. Yay! I hate watching movies sometimes, when I am not in my mood. We decided to take the NEOPRINTS first. Maverick was actually so against with the idea but after the relentless pleads by the giggly girls, Maverick reluctantly agreed. LOLS! Then, we mix-and-match and soon the 5 photographs were taken. Soon, it was time to edit. Haiz! The girls took so long editing the photographs. Maverick lost concentration and decided to look at an army officer playing one of the shooting games at the arcade. I asked Maverick to try out one game but his parents did not allow him to play at the arcade. LOLS! I actually thought of sponsoring him 1 game but he declined. He was so obedient.:) After ages, the girls were ready and we soon left. But before we left, the girls borrowed a pair of scissors from the cashier and started cutting the photographs. After that, we went to the movie theatre and checked out the next timings. But all wasn't right. Then, we were so out of ideas and lost. Then, we decided to ask Maverick to lead us the way. Then, Jia Wen suggested a good idea. We should go to Kiddy Palace. So, we walked happily. Not everyone though. Maverick was grumpy and kept saying that he would rather go to Kai Han's house. Then, we headed to Kiddy Palace and started being like a child and played with the plush toys. Actually, it was only me and Jia Wen playing with them The static girl and Claire were arranging the neoprints while Maverick was sitting at a corner, feeling restless. After which, the girls managed to sort the neoprints out and we left the place. Then, I suggested going to Lot 1 and they all agreed. On the way to the MRT station, Claire kept pushing the static girl's hand away as she said that the static girl was passing static electric to her. That's how the static girl got her name. LOLS!

We soon left Jurong Point for Lot 1. We reached there in a flash of lightning. Boom! LOLS! Then, we walked to Mini Toons and the girls were searching for the couple key chains or friendship key chains. Then, they went to More for Words. They practically roamed every gift store and brought the boys haywire. LOLS! At one of the shops, we spotted Madam Chua and we screamed. Then, Madam Chua was so embarrassed and pulled our legs by saying that she did not know us. Little did we know that she was there to buy a card(I think so). LOLS! Then, we bade her goodbye. Then, Claire had a sudden craving for a drink and she bought herself a drink. (Oh my god I had forgotten what drink she bought). After that short "break", we decided to go up to continue searching for the key chains. Then, we spotted Madam Chua. Once again.... She was buying herself a drink. I think she was buying fruit juice. LOLS! Soon, we bade her goodbye and continued our search.

Soon, the girls settled themselves to a key chain and the static girl and Claire shared one key chain. Jia Wen, unfortunately, did not buy. Then, it was about 4.05pm. The static girl had to go and there were only 4 of us. We left Mini Toons soon after and Maverick pestered to watch movie. We went up to the cinema and started looking at the available time slots. None was suited to me. The moment I watched any of these movies, I would be late to reach home. -.-! Then, Maverick kept saying that the Madagascar movie wasn't that long. Even it was 1 hour and 25 minutes or 1 hour, I would still be late. then, I suggested that they went in and I went home. But they kept pestering me to go! LOLS! Then, I suggested that if the next time we were going, we should plan out everything and look out for a time slot. LOLS! Then, the trio left reluctantly after my relentless persuasion. We decided to head back home.

When we reached the MRT station, a sight of a teenage boy greeted us. He said that he was to sell some 摆设品 to earn money as he was poor. He was selling his things at $2. I wasn't at all interested after seeing all the scandals from welfare organisations. So, I pestered Maverick to ignore him and just go. But he just stayed there. My suspicion aroused when the teenager started calling Maverick "Bro"! Then, Maverick started coughing up some excuses that he was broke and had no money. Then, the teenager started saying that he had already given us a discount of a dollar. LOLS! Then, not wasting time, I immediately pulled Maverick and said that we were so not interested to buy their goods.

We immediately went up to the station and the girls sat down. Maverick was like saying that he wasn't sure that he should not buy the goods. But I said that it was fine and asked him not to let it bother him anymore unless he wanted to leave the station and buy from that teenager. Then, as the train had not reached the stations, we decided to chit-chat on our holiday plans. Then, Claire was like saying that Jia Wen liked watching Korean Drama Series.... The rest are a secret. Shh!

Soon, the train came and we boarded it. We reached our destination and bade one another farewell. Such a coincidence that Jia Wen, Claire and Maverick went the same way. Then, I waved them goodbye and started walking home.

Upon reaching home, I mapled and mapled again. Haiz! I wonder if my holidays were to be as boring to an extend as to maple and maple everyday.

But one thing for sure, the Primary Sixes would be very busy. There would be the collection of results, posting exercise, results of the posting exercise and the reporting of the new secondary school.

PS: Once again, I wish good luck to everyone and hope that you'll score well in PSLE! May you all score with flying colours.

With lots of love,
17 November 2008

11:10 AM

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Day To Remember

So today was a day to remember. Why do I say so? It's kind of the last day of school. Not really, though. We still had to report to school on the 20 November for the collection of the results. Oh no! My teeth are chattering. Brrr!

The annual graduation night of Yew Tee Primary School had finally arrived. That morning, I did not need to report to school. If I would, pigs could fly. Why? My results are so poor you know?! 3 'A' and 1'B'. How to get to collect my prize on the Prize Giving Day?! Even Jamie, the top scorer, achieved 3 "A-stars" and 1 "A". How to get within the 1st to 3rd prize?

Okay, this morning did nothing else but mapled and mapled and mapled. But still could not level up. Argh!!!!!!!! Then, in the afternoon, I stayed at home and ate lunch.

Then, at about 3.15pm, I went to bathe and change clothes. Phew!! My clothes are very neat and tidy.

Then, at about 4.15pm, Claire called me and asked me to go down to the bus stop. Heard some background noise. Then, later I knew that it was Jia Wen creating those background noises. They asked me to wait for their friend, Prisca. LOLS! Just like that also need me to accompany them. After some consideration, I asked permission from my mother and said that I needed to go down to accomapany my friend. She gave me the green light and I rushed down. Met them and the bus stop oppoaite my block and then waited for her. LOLS! It was like waiting for ages. Then, when I saw Jia Wen wearing her clothings (or whatever) I was so shocking. Then I asked her, " Where are you going? Wedding Dinner arh?!" Claire, on the other hand, was more of like... (I don't know how to describe?!) LOLS! Then, suddenly heard a loud crack of thunder. I was quite taken aback, so was quite frightened.

Then, to create a chance to back to school, I just told them that I was scared to die and wanted to stay in school just in case I get struck by lightning. LOLS! Then, Jiawen said okay but Claire kept pulling me towards the bus stop. Then, after some torturing minutes, we were at the school gate to wait for her?! I am not that sure. Then, after some waiting, she still had not arrived. Then, I spotted Jamie and Ke Xuan wearing the same clothes. But of course, different in colour. Then, Jamie kept asking me if her clothes were nice or not. Then, I just said nice lor. Hehe!:0)

Soon after Jamie came, Prisca arrived in her father's car. LOLS! Claire told me that she would go there by foot and in the end, she came in her dad's car. Wrong Information, Claire Lam. HeHe!

Then, they decided to go into the school with their boarding pass. Then, disaster struck. Ke Xuan had forgotten to bring her boarding pass and that security guard lady forbade her from going into the school. Then, Jamie asked if her boarding pass could allow Ke Xuan and herself to go into the school. But the security guard said "NO!". Bloody hell! What is this man?! Why can't she let Ke Xuan in. Then, Jamie asked Ke Xuan to call back to her house and asked someone to bring the boarding pass down. LOLS! Then, I went into the school with the giggly girls. Then, I went straight to find Mdm Chua to collect back my autograph book. At there, she asked me to find Russell and pass him the boarding pass. How I am on Earth going to find him? I rushed back to the gate only to find my parents.

Then, I waited and waited for Russell but he's still nowhere in sight. LOLS! I gave up and went back to Mdm Chua. She said never mind and then I left. Soon later, I saw Russell and asked him how was his trip to London. He said it was fun. Then, we went back to the cantten as it was time Mrs Tan declare the Graduation Night open. We waited patiently and soon she came. She declared that we could eat and we "chiong-ah"! LOLS! Everyone was so surprised that Daniel did not eat anything and just drank fruit punch.

Then, after eating some food, I went to chit-chat with my friends. And also took some photographs. Soon, the clock struck 5.30pm and we went up to the hall. Then, the powerpoints made by various classes were shown on the screen. LOLS! After all the guests and the pupils settled down, Mrs Tan came from the entrance of the hall. There was a "long" red carpet unfolded for Mrs Tan to walk on! LOLS! The carpet did not even stretch from the entrance to the stage. Then, we sang the school song. Then, for don't know what reason, halfway through the song, Russell kept laughing. And then I also could not help laughing. Finally, the second after the song, I asked Russell what happened. Little did I know that Kar Leong was humming "Jamie" in the middle of the song.(Jamie was beside him.) But I did not hear a single thing (except pupils singing the school song and Russell's laughter) LOLS! Then, after that we went up to collect our certificates.


So can you imagine how long we took? The teacher talking should be very thirsty and Mrs Tan's hands should be wobbly. LOLS! Then, there was a concert. Bla Bla Bla... There was singing and dancing and I practically enjoyed myself.

Then, at 7.30pm the whole ceremony ended. I was so famished so I asked my parents to bring me to the foodcourt to have my dinner. LOLS!

Haiz.... School closes.... All textbooks closes.... Everything closes... But 1 thing for sure....


PS: May all of you excel in PSLE and get into your dream school. All the best for Thursday.

With lots of love,
14th November 2008

10:22 AM

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh my gosh! 1 more official day left before school really ends. Well, not really. We still have PSLE Results day. I am so scared. I have a premonition that I'll do badly in PSLE! Today was fun! I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Pestering Darryl into writing my autograph book and stuff. It was so thrilling. Looking at the annoyed faces, I laughed. So funny, Darryl. XD.

Today, woke up at 6.40am. LOLS! Very late horhx. Then, ate breakfast liao went to school. Zzzz! It was drizzling. So what happened? I went up to class. Halfway up I saw Nhita (I think). Forgot what we talked about liao. Then, was so surprise. I was one of the earliest boys. Not the earliest but one of the earliest. Then, watched the boys playing chess. Wah!!! Very 精彩! I think most of the times was KarLeong who won. LOLS! King of chess I think. XD. Then, after Mdm Chua came in. I pestered her to write in my autograph book. Then, she said she was very busy. I pitied on her. After PSLE still must work so hard. Sobs! Then, sang the national anthem as usual. Then, after that, watched more chess-playing. LOLS! Luckily, today Kai Jie came. Thanks God. At least someone to talk to. He told me that he was down with flu. So pitiful! Hope u can recover soon! Then, it was very boring. So I took my autograph book and decided to let the rest of the class sign. Phew! Finally, Jasper, Kar Leong, Ryan, Melvin and Melvyn signed my autograph book. Yay! Long Live all of you! Now only left 2 people haven't write, actually in fact three. They are as follows: Darryl, Zi Ling and Zheng Yu. Argh!!! My dream to let everyone is shattered. So sad. Sobs!

Then, after that, soon we went to the hall to have our last and final talk by Kranji Secondary School. Their school is average lah. But I feel like choosing that as my first choice. They have Table Tennis leh. I want to join that school but then.... Aiya! I am now so confused. So many choices of schools for us. I don't even know which school to go now. I am very lost in the deep blue sea. Oh well, not in the sea. In the sea of schools! All the schools seemed tempting except some schools. Well, I'm sure most of you will know. Those infamous schools. Like.... Can't tell!

Okay, what's my criteria for my dream school.
One that offers Higher Mother Tongue.
One that does not do all the performing and stuff. Scriptwriting is okay but only of the topic is interesting to write about.
One that offers table tennis.
One that has an aggregate of at least 230 and above.
One that has good peers and teachers to guide me along through the 4 years.
One that is Academic Value Added School.
One that stimulates a student interest of learning. AND LASTLY
One that has state-of-art facilities.

I am so... erm... picky and choosy. So many 条件. LOLS! I wonder what school offers this kind of things. LOLS! It's so impossible. My dream can never be completed. LOLS!

Okay, because of that, there's wasn;t any PE! Oh my gosh! That school dampened our spirits. This was supposed to be our last PE lesson. How can they do this to me?! Why must they do it on our PE lesson?! Why?! Why?! Why?! But anyway, it was drizzling. LOLS! Then, when back to class. Mdm Ng, our Health Education teacher came. Thought of asking her to write in my autograph book. But since even Jamie never like her write, then I maybe don't want. LOLS! In the end at 9am she went off. Felt regrettful. Should have let her to write.

Then, Mrs Cheng came. Then, she sat down and a few girls asked her to write. I wanted to. But I think that time Ryan was still writing in my autograph book. Then, after she signed the girls one right, she asked some of the pupils to help her to dismantle the art pieces for the Yell Mini Museum. Helped Mrs Cheng with Kai Jie, Prisca, Claire and Jia Wen. It was so fun. Helped to dismantle. And then there was one part when me and Kai Jie needed to fold a cloth-like curtain. Then, actually I did not like to fold clothes or I did not really know how to, I played the folding game with Kai Jie. Then, in the end, got humiliated by the girls. They kept laughing at us and said that the way we folded the cloth-like curtains was like erm.. so wrong or lame. Cannot blame me. I don't really do housework lorhs.

Then, after the whole 1 hour we finished. But what happened?! Mrs Cheng had no time to write in my book. Argh!!!!!!!!! Then, went up to class and illegally stayed there. Kar Leong and Maverick and a few other boys also went up to play chess. I tried playing the Chinese Chess with KAr Leong. What's the dire consequences? I lost to him and actually left 1 piece (which was the general) when I died. LOLS! I am not talented in this kind of Board Games. LOLS!:(. Then, I think I carried on pestering Darryl and still FAILED! Arh?! Then, whenever everytime I said bad things about him horh. What would he say. "Aiya. I actually wanted to help you write one lehs. Wasted!" Argh!!! So angry with him. Then, I saw something unusual. Ke Xuan wasn't at her seat. Then, I asked Jamie and then she pointed out where she was. Then, I looked for her. Such coincidence that she finished solving her Rubik cube. Then, I saw one chessboard on the table. Then, I taught her how to play the Majong(fake one). She picked up the rules and had a whale of a time lehs. So fun played with Kai Jie, Daniel and Kar Leong too. So fun. Ke Xuan laughed until horhs... indescribable.

After that, Mdm Chua said that the last period cannot play. LOLS!

Went for chinese class and let more people sign. But still, Darryl did not sign. Argh!!! When arh, Darryl?! Let some of the girls from 6 Respect to sign. LOLS! Today only 1 period. So impossible to let everyone sign right. So sad?!

Then, what did we do during the last period? Before Mdm Chua came, Cheryl and friends wrote on the whiteboard. LOLS! Then, when Mdm Chua came, she asked if anyone wanted to help her clean the whiteboard. Maverick volunteered and started erasing the whiteboard. Then, Cheryl and Shermaine kept complaining (whispered) that they wanted to take a picture of the whiteboard. LOLS! They were like so angry. Then when everyone settled down, we did a survey. Daniel kept or maybe almost everything also say disagree. LOLS! Everyone laughed.

Oh my gosh! 12.45pm. Going to end school already. No!!!!!!!! Musn't let this happen? But what can I do? 只能眼巴巴地看每分每一秒那样地过去。Oh my gosh! Schook is going to close. Help!!!!!!! Then, when school finally ended, I helped Mdm Chua to carry things down to her pigeon hole with Nigel and Kai Jie. Then, when we reached the canteen, we saw Mrs Tan our principal was waving goodbye to everyone. So kind and sweet. Hehe! She is a kind lady. Then, Nigel asked me and Kai Jie to wave her goodbye. We said okay lorhs. But anyway, tomorrow we are still going to see her what?? But maybe don't have this chance tomorrow!

Then, walked back home in the drizzling rain.

Today is much, much better than the 2 other days.

Okay liao, very tired. Think my hands are rotting. Byes. Sayonara.

PS: Those who know my blog. Please dress up nicely for tomorrow. It's the last day that we are together again. Dress nicely horh. Okay???

With lots of love,
13 November 2008

4:38 PM

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hi guys........ Another day has passed and it's almost time to say bye bye liao. I can't believe it! How I wish time could just stop for a moment and let us enjoy a few more happy moments. :) or ): I also don't know. Mixed feelings I think.

Another boring day, I guess. With 2 of my BFF absent. Again? :( ! I was so bored again. LOLS! Today did nothing much. Saw the boys competing with their own sets of Chinese chess. Walau. That stupid Maverick asked me to get lost when I was learning how to play Chinese chess. He was actually teaching Melvyn 37, though. But I did not even disturb them lol. Curse him la. Argh!!!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to ask one question and he asked me to shut up and get lost. He very bad horh. :(..... I was so embarrassed when he asked me to get lost la. Curse him lah! Treat me so bad. Argh!!!!!!! Think what? He 2nd in class can bully people is it? Lame la him!

Okay, for recess I played Monkey again. LOLS! Again I kept sabboing Jamie. Today was just extremely fun and I laughed and had a whale of a time. But I don't know what happened to me. It was just as per normal and nothing special really happened. But, I just could not stop laughing and enjoying myself. Probably I don't want to be separated with my friends. LOLS! I really very 舍不得 my friends all 离开我。我好像哭哦!Oh my gosh! Tomorrow will be the last day in school playing with all my friends. Hope that Kai Jie will come to school tomorrow and Russell will enjoy his trip to London.

When I went up to class, watched them playing chess again. LOLS! It's kind of boring in her man! I wished that there would be another Mini Olympics games again and we'll WIN AND LOSE TOGETHER.

Think that's all for today. Nothing else much to write liao. Erm.. My length of the blog seemed to be decreasing right? Cannot blame me leh! School was quite boring and there's nothing else to write. Oh yeah, before I go, I must tell my class position. It's 17th. Nothing much to boast about. More than 17 people beat me lorhx. I am so lousy. But I think that PSLE is much more important. So the Primary Sixes, let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that we'll score well for PSLE and not only make our parents and teachers proud, but also yourself.

Okay got to go liao. Sayonara.

With lots of love,
12 November 2008

3:00 PM

4 more days to parting everyone

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 more days to parting my good friends and patient teachers. Unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why must we part??? Why can't we stay at Yew Tee Primary School with all the fond memories and wonderful peers and teachers. Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr Dustbin,

Don't be crazy. This is LIFE! You must know when to let go and hold on to whatever you desire. Stop your nonsense and face it! It's LIFE!


Mr Dustbin

Lols! I was sending a "love" message to myself. Oh my gosh! I can't believe that the P6 are graduating soon. Oh my gosh! Okay, enough! Back to the topic.

I woke up and bla bla bla. At 7.00 am I was at the school for what reason? I am totally unsure what was the purpose going to school. But at least I know one reason- I am going to school to hang out with my friends and spend the outnumbered days with my good friends!!!!!! Oh ya, Maverick started to come out to Shermaine and shouted "Black Cat" I at first thought that Maverick was mad and was playing a prank on Shermaine. Then, it dawned on me that the cat ran into the school. LOLS! It made Shermaine cry. But what happened? Kai Jie did not come and Russell went to London!!!!!! Argh!!!!!!!!!!!! No good friends to accompany me. Zzz! No one to talk to and no one to play with. It'll be a boring day.

Then, after singing the anthem and reciting the pledge, we were asked to sit down. Oh my gosh! Many thoughts ran through my mind. Is Mrs Tan going to talk to us? Or another scolding? Instead, it was a show presented by the Primary Fives. It was called the "Budding Stars". It was so boring. All girls dancing and flicking their hands to nowhere. And it was like all their dance steps was similar in a way or the other. Then, I think a boys' group from 5 Integrity stood up the most. Their song was "Apologize". At first, there was no sound. Then the whole school laughed. Then, a Malay boy I think he started singing out of tune. I could not help but laugh until my stomach was in pain. LOLS!. There was also a group of girls I think from 5 Enthusiasm. They kept laughing to the microphone. Then, the whole school heard it. LOLS! The whole school was laughing at them. So stupid lah. But at least they had the courage to stand in front of the whole school to sing/perform.

The whole day was boring and it dragged until like siao. PLayed monkey during recess. Kept Sabboing Jamie Foo. LOLS! Most of the times my attempts failed. But when I succeeded I kept teasing her. Very lame horhx!.... XD Jamie. Then, when recess was over, I went up and watched the boys playing chess. Watch until very sian. Then, I sat behind Jamie and Ke Xuan with Nigel. He took my autograph book and copied all the contacts. Then, I saw that he was so restless, I helped him to copy down the contacts. I am a very good friend right??? XD Nigel.

The giggly girls club also did that. Then, Kai Han spotted it and then I kena "scolded" by him. Why? I like so-called revealed his personal information to the girls. And then he 埋怨 that that's the reason he did not like to write in people's autograph book. He was afraid that other people would just open the book and read it. Sorry Kai Han. Sobs! Oh ya! That happened at the hall. We went to the hall to see the rehearsal for the Prize Giving Day. LOLS! They had to pretend to take counterfeit certificates and prizes from a fake prinicpal and bow to a fake audience. LOLS! So stupid. Prize Giving also need rehearsal. LOLS!

Okay, I think I will stop her for today. Byes.....

With lots of love,
11 November 2008

9:05 PM

The Singapore Flyer Day

Yosh guys......

The Singapore Day Flyer.... Today's will be a short one! Because I have nothing to write that much. It was kind of boring day I should say. D:...

Today I went to sit the Singapore Flyer. The scenery is cool but very little interesting places at there. LOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went there with family and relatives. Shared the capsule with Thai People (I think).. Then, there was a television and a device or gadget like walkie-talkie. You'll need to press the number on the "walkie-talkie" and there will be a person(forgot what name) starting to talk all the history about Singapore. It's damn boring! All the social studies knowledge that I had all stored in that walkie-talkie. Then, there was also a map showing you the directions of Singapore. Bla Bla Bla..... After so long, the capsule went down and hooray the whole thing had ended after 30 minutes or so.....

Did some shopping before heading for some swimming lessons.

Then, went to my granny's house to have dinner. Parents were talking to my grandparents while we, the younger generations, talked among ourselves.

I think I did not miss out anything right??? Bye. See ya!

With lots of love,
9 November 2008

1:59 PM

The day planned so perfectly

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hi guys. Sorry for not blogging for a few years. Or maybe a few days. Hahas!

The day planned so perfectly. Why do I say so? I'll explain later.

Okay.. I woke up at about 9am (I think) feeling quite refreshed. LOLS! Then, did my daily routines and mapled for the whole morning. Then, my father fried rice for me. It tasted wonderfully. The perfect taste for fried rice. I think I had not tasted such nice rice for a long time. Or maybe since my new maid came. Oo. Then, my father painted my room while I again mapled. Then, called my mother to ask her to bring the old handphone. While my father and I brought the charger.(after my dad finished painting the room) Then, we headed down to Fu Lu Shou Complex to collect the handphone from my mum. She was preparing to do her facial. We collected the handphone and made a beeline for the Bugis Junction. LOLS! Then, we went to the M1 shop to buy my new handphone. We went to the information counter to ask if my dream handphone-N81 was available. Then, to my utter dismay, there was no N81.


I felt like the whole world was sinking onto me. AH!!!!!!!!!! No N81!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!! Then, my father cheered me up and said that N81 was bulky and wasn't 适合 for 我 to 用。 Then, I agreed and checked out for other phones. After much consideration, I chose a touchscreen phone. By Samsung. Then, went to the information counter again and applied for a number to purchase the phone from the counter. But before I purchased my new phone, I went with my dad to the trade-in counter to trade the old phone. When we reached there, there was a man in front of us. The jie-jie (the staff) and the man was like taking ages to trade in the phone. I was like "diao-diao" all the way. After what seemed like eternity, that man finally went off to dun know where. LOLS! It was finally our turn. Then that stupid jie-jie said that what need to minus $10 because the battery was bloated. My foot arh! Asked her how she knew and she said that through touching the battery. Then I took the battery and touched it! Arh!!!!!! Where got bloated? I think her stomach was the one bloated. I think she 看我不顺眼. 故意钱的。气死人了!!!!!!!!!!!!!like that 就 扣钱. What's more? $10 dollars leh. Hmph! In the end the trade in value was $40.

Oh ya! At there we saw Mark Lee from Mediacorp. He was with his wife and his baby daughter. Mark Lee was buying a brand-new handphone for his wife (I think). He was wearing a cap too.

After that, we proceeded to the counter. There, the jie-jie (different one) talked until very 罗索 leh. Talk. Talk. Talk. I even 1 word also cannot understand. Not becauseI was lousy in English. It was beacuse it was so boring until I felt like dozing off. Then, after many minutes (is it countable?) I finally got my handphone. YAYS! Cheer for me! Shout for me! Celebrate for me!

Then, at night, my family and I went to Hey Hey Hotpot to eat. There, we met another not 1 but 3 stars. Christopher Lee, Fann Wong and Jeff Wang and their friends. The food there was delicious. Go there to try their hotpot or steamboat(sort of.)

Here's the address and the telephone number. Before going , you will need to make a reservation.

Hey Hey Hotpot Restaurant
1 Selegie Road, #B1-20, Paradiz Centre
S'pore 188307, Tel: 63335166

Operating hours:
Lunch: 11.30am to 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30pm to 11pm

After that hearty meal, we went back home. Okay... got to doze off to Dreamland..... Byes...

With lots of love,
8 November 2008

1:31 PM

The final day of the MINI Olympics

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hi everyone.......

OO... Today's the last of the Mini Olympics held by Yew Tee Primary School.

Everything went as per normal. Yipee! Today I was so happy. The girls were competing with 6 Patience in Captain's Ball. They were all ready and equipped with the finest skills of Captain's Ball. They were all set.!

Go girls!

Then, at around 8.50am, we headed down to the hall. The matches for the semi-finals were tight. Then, at around 9.20am the game started. Whooooo! The match between Emapthy and Patience was tight. Whooooooooooooooo! Our girls did us proud by clinching finals with a close score of 10-9. Yipee!!!!!

Not long after, the finals begun. It was a tight match between Loyalty and Empathy. It was quite easy as the girls fought with them the first match. However, Loyalty seemed to be more quick and agile in catching the balls. However, 1 girl , especially kept throwing the ball off-course and Jeannie or Cheryl always managed to catch it. LOLS! We managed to clinch VICTORY after defeating them! Hooray! We won! We emerged victorious. Hooray! Yipee!

Next, was the Knockdown Challenge. We did not win the 1st match against Loyalty. There were seven cones and we needed to knock down all of them. It was exceptionally difficult. We thought it was an easy challenge. We lost to them with a score of (5-7). But that's okay. The next match was between Empathy and Respect. But before that, there was a lot of distractions and arguments. Actually, at first, Kai Jie wanted Cheryl to substitute him. She agreed. Then, Maverick wanted to join with Kar Leong. But everyone or almost everyone disagreed with them as their names wasn't written on the piece of paper. Then, they started arguing. Bla Bla Bla. Then, out of a sudden, Russell came to me and started telling me that Maverick was crying. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Disaster!!!!!!!! Then, after much arguments, Maverick did not join but Kar Leong did! OMG! But we managed to beat Respect with a score of (3-7) . But they did not manage to get into semi-finals. Let alone finals! Sobs!

Then, I was looking forward to this. The prize giving ceremony. But before that, we did the cheer. OMG! The cheer was made up at the last minute. The first attempt was like so...OMG! Everyone turned silent. Until, Daniel whispered to everyone " Ready? 1...2...3.." Then, everyone was shouting the cheer. We were given 3 minutes. But I think we only used up 1 minute or maybe lesser. Then, for the prize giving ceremony. The captain ball's team went up to receive the medals. For the crest design, we got 3rd. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, in the afternoon, Kai Jie, Maverick, Guan Hao, Zheng Yu, Nigel and me went to Russell's house. We played the Uno attack and computer. And another game was Taboo. Then, we tried out the Halo 3 and Dead or Alive game. Then, we ate Crepes. (I dunno how to spell) It was delicious. I squeezed some chocolate sauce onto the Crepes. It tasted like pancakes. Then, after that, Jia Xuan onlined. Russell, Guan Hao and I were like confusing Jia Xuan who was the person talkking to her. We had so much fun at Russell's house. It was neatly decorated. Do you know? The house was so clean that I bet that anyone can just sleep on the floor. At 6pm, we 依依不舍地离开Russell's house. Only Nigel stayed longer. Then, I headed back home. Mapled for a while and played table tennis with my brother for a while.

Okay... Tired liao! Good night everyone! ..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.... into slumber land.

With lots of love,
7 November 2008

10:03 AM

Today was Extremely Fun

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hi everyone! Today I was extremely happy because the Mini Olympics organised by Yew Tee Primary School arrived. At about 9am we were called to assemble at the hall. The wait for the Olympics to start was long. Bla Bla Bla. Finally, the so called "torch" finally arrived at Yew Tee Primary School after running through many countries. Mainly from Greece to Singapore then to Yew Tee. (Commented by the teacher-in-charge)Then, we said the Olympics Pledge or they call it the oath. Then, Mr Helmi came to declare the Games opened. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!The Games was about to commence. Our performance was exceptionally well but other classes were also very good.

For the tug of war, our class 6 Empathy won the very first round(3-0) because everyone was still fresh. Our competitor was 6 Loyalty. They were quite good. But we had Daniel. He was our star. Hooray ! We won! Everyone screamed and shout as loud as they can. I think that sportsmanship was really important.

The members were:
Melvyn 37
Melvin 34
and of course our star,

They were exceptionally professional. They really pulled till the end. Their perseverance was really very good. Then, I didn't know why the team for soccer and tug of war was the same.


What happened? Their timings to play both sports clashed! My mind was whirling as fast as the roller coaster. I immediately ran to the girls and they immediately shouted to the boys playing soccer. They lost to 6 Loyalty. I think the score was (1-3). If I wasn't wrong. Phew! Lucky the soccer match ended. OMG! They hurried up the stairs and when I saw them, I was utterly shocked. Why? Because they were all sweaty and tired. That wasn't a good news. Why? All their energy was drained out by that soccer match. OMG! We were in deep trouble. The team did not have much strength to pull the rope. But I could see that they really put in their best. They really persevered till the very end. But because they were tired and had no energy they eventually lost to 6 Respect (0-3). But I think that it was very good already. At least they put in their very best. Well done to the soccer cum tug of war team. A round of applause please.

Then, the girls' captain ball team cum the soccer team played their game concurrently. The soccer team lost again to 6 Respect (0-3) but I think that they had indeed put up a fierce fight. It's not that our team was lousy, we were good. It's just that other teams were better. But most importantly we must have FUN!

The girls' captain ball team did us proud by qualifying the semi-finals together with 6Loyalty with 18 points, 6 Perseverance with 29 points and 6 Patience with 39 points. The girls' captain ball team won 6 Loyalty(14-8) and 6 Respect (12-2). They were very good as when I observed them, their catching and dribbling of the ball was commendable. Well done girls! All the best to your semi-finals. Oh ya! Talking about semi-finals, the girls' captain ball team will be competing with 6 Patience. OMG! It will be a tough match. Their team are leading by 13 points. It would be difficult unless the girls perform well tomorrow. Good luck girls and you must bring glory to our class. 6 Empathy rules and rocks forever. Okay... enough.

The team members were:
Ke Xuan
Xue Yin

For the tug-of-war, we did not win.
1st was 6 Patience
2nd was 6 Care
3rd was 6 Respect(only banded class)
4th was 6 Courage

Well done!

Okay... Good luck to me as I will be competing with 6 Loyalty. Knockdown Challenge it would be. Everyone putting high hopes on us. So I hope that my team and I will put in our best to win. But most importantly, HAVE FUN!

With lots of love,
6 November 2008

1:36 PM

My worst day ever

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hi everyone! Today's blog will be a short one as I am utterly upset with my maid. Okay, I woke up as per normal and did my normal routines. Once again, I asked my father if my hair was long. Then, he repeated."Aiyo, gorgor. Don't worry la! If your teacher says that your hair is too long, ask her to call my hand phone." LOLS! But fortunately, when I when to school, there was no spot check again. Phew! Today wore the wrong attire. Supposed to be PE I wore uniform. Yesterday, Madam Chua asked those last in the line to past down the message" Tomorrow, we are having PE today. Wear your PE attire tomorrow." Then, the next day still have people wearing uniform. Why? There are 2 reasons. 1st is that the pupils forgot to wear. 2nd is the message wasn't past down to those sitting away from teachers. I belong to the 2nd one. But I thought never mind. Since it was meant to be a happy day, I'll just have to bear with it. Okay, after the morning assembly, our class immediately proceeded to the classroom. We put our bags and went straight to the basketball court. Then, to our dismay, it was used for the soccer training. Well, not at all was it sad to us. We still had the parade square. The boys "VS"ed the girls. If I wasn't wrong, the boys won. Then, at 8.30 am, we had to go back to class to cool down before Regent Secondary School comes to talk to us. Sianzx... Then, when I went back to class, I fished out for my water bottle at supersonic speed. As I was thirsty and I mean really thirsty. Then, disaster struck. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

My water bottle was lost. Really lost. My head was spinning and twirling like the roller coaster in Genting Highlands. A million thoughts flashed through my mind. Could my maid have not packed my water bottle. This was the worst thought ever. And yes! After checking my bag for countless times, I realised my "not-hoping-that-dream-will-happen" dream 实现 (came alive). My water bottle wasn't packed by my maid! Argh! How I wished the time could travel faster and I could go back home faster. Argh! I was so thirsty. I was hoping that a bottle of mineral bottle will drop down from the sky. So disgusted. No water and felt like dying of dehydration.

Ah!...Luckily the talk lasted for half an hour. Then, actually borrowed money from Nigel, then decided to return him the money as I wasn't that thirsty. That was a grave decision. I was so dumb. Dumb with a capital 'D'. I went to help the girls captain ball team to practise for their small "tournament". LOLS! OMG! Not on magic guard in maple story. It was oh my gosh! I was perspiring and so thirsty. Ah! My perspiration can form a pool in any swimming pool. LOLS!

Ah!!!!! So sweaty! Felt like dying. No water! Going to get dehydrated. Save me! Anyone! LOLS! That pig shit or better known as Darryl don't know for what? He threw Shermaine's volleyball to me and asked me to pass to her. I heard wrongly. Instead I put it back to class. Then, when down to the hall for the last talk(I really hoped it's the last) by West Spring Secondary School. It was so boring. The teacher or maybe vice-principal was so strict. But I can feel that the school really is very big. Didn't pay much attention to the slides. Why? I was too thirsty. Who cares about the slides anyway?! Would rather die of thirst than to listen to those boring slides! Kept talking about their core values and whatever they achieved academic value-added?! So lame! Every school also say that! No uniqueness in the schools. LOLS!


Finally, it's assembly time. There was a lady playing a bulky harp. Quite dexterous! A round of applause. Oh ya! Before that, I must sincerely thank my form teacher, Madam Chua for letting me quench my thirst. Although I saw that she did it quite reluctantly. A big thanks to her! Muacks! Phew! Was very or supersonic regenerated.Okay! Got to thoroughly enjoy myself. But still was thirsty. Then, when the bell struck 12.30pm, I rushed back home. Gulped down cups of water. Scolded my maid for being careless.

Okay... should be enough for the day right? I got to go! Bye!

With lots of love,
5 November 2008

1:24 PM

The So Boring Day

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So how did today started..... First I woke up at 6.40am and brushed my teeth and ate breakfast. What I ate??? Bread with sugar...It tasted so well....okay la. So-so only. Ok then changed my clothes and was prepared to embark to school. Okay...wasn't that prepared. Because Madam Chua, my form teacher said that there would be 4 Secondary Schools coming to talk or maybe BOAST about their schools. Okay bla bla bla...... Walk to school as per normal. Oh ya, forgot to say that yesterday was pestering with my parents. I asked them if my hair was long. And this morning I asked my dad again. He told me in Mother Tongue,'' Aiyo...gorgor how many times must you ask me. I already said NO!" Okay he can't blame me for that....I was worried if would get caught. You know? I want to have a clean record before I leave the school. Oh ya talking about the school, 10 more days to end of the primary education. I can't believe it?! I will be leaving all my good friends and good teachers. AH!!!!! I really can't believe it! But, well, that's part and parcel of our life, right? We all need to learn to let go. But I will be sobbing,wah!!!!!!!!!!! ,okay enough of the nonsense.

Okay,...where was I? Oh ya... walking to school. My dad brought me to the school gate before leaving to work. Then, as usual, I walked up to the hall and sat with the girls. Okay, enough with all the dirty minds, I sat with girls because I was early and not because I like to flirt with girls. That's what most of the boys always mock me. I am warning all of YOU "I am not a flirt!" Okay enough?! Why am I always out of the topic?! Okay back to the topic... I was reading my usual book again for silent reading. Then, my friend, Guan Hao came at 7.05am Everyone in my class that was present were shocked. Why shocked?! That's because he always came so late and was always at the end of the class line. Thus, it was so untypical of him to come so early and I meant really early. It was draggy. And I was also hoping that there would be no spot check today. I waited and waited. That's funny?! I waited till 7.20am and no teacher asked us to keep our books and wait for our teacher to conduct the spot check. I was so happy. At least I can still wait for 1 more day. Then, shortly after, the school bell rang and everyone started to sing the national anthem. Bla Bla Bla. Then, when the anthem ended, the discipline mistress stood at the stage and started to explain that the spot check would be postponed to tomorrow. Phew! Lucky! No spotcheck! Okay then the Primary Twos and Fives started moving and moving. They were walking like snails horh?! It took them to 5 to 10 minutes to clear the hall. The Primary Sixes were called to stayed back as the boring day had just begun. Everyone was like chanting for Assumption English School. But I didn't know why. Aiyo! Since everyone was chanting that, I thought of following. "Assumption! Assumption! Assumption!" LOLS! In the end, GreenRidge Secondary School was first to present. However, before that, Mrs Kok, our vice principal or prinicpal-to-be talked to us. Aiyo. She don't know heard Mdm Kamisah said that what we were so talkative until we kena scolded by Chua Chu Kang Secondary School. Ah ya! She also could not attract our attention what to do?! That's why she needed to scold us to attract our attention. LOLS! Okay back to the topic.

GreenRidge left a deep impression and they were quite united. They really bond as a big family. Maybe I will consider that school. Their first impression to me was very good. Okay after that wonderful or excellent talk by them, we were sent back to class to place our bags down. Then, at 9am we headed back to the hall for the next presentation by Unity Secondary School. Well, now everyone wasn't hoping for Assumption and instead hoped that Regent does not come. Okay, theirs was quite well. But not as good as GreenRidge. LOLS! I never say that theirs wasn't good. It's just that it is not as good as GreenRidge. Then, recess was here. Played captain ball. Helped the girls team to practise. Then, it was Assumption followed by ZhengHua Secondary School.


Then, finally, it was time to go home. Did nothing much. Just played computer games. Maplestory. Time past so fast. At dinner time disaster struck. My brother came home telling me his sucking results. OMG! I was thinking. If this would be the results he get in primary education, what's more in secondary education. (Ah...going to faint)

Ok its late now. Got to go bye!

November 4 2008

12:22 PM


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