Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yo guys! Sry for being so dormant these weeks. (I think.) Eh, busy with homework and stuff-ed with lots of revision and assessment books to do. For Common Test! Good thing it's over. And all the funny funny holidays is coming soon.(Quoted from my maths tchr)

HAPPY Finished-Common Test Week! LOLx! >.<

Sian. Oh yeah. Nan Hua High School is fully air-conditioned. (And I am proud of that. Haha. <3<3<3 Nan Hua) Lols! My fwens all say very cold. So contradicting lor. Some say cold some say hot.) Oh ya. Today was a damn cool day.

Had the last paper today.(Hoped it was the last tests in my whole life. But it is so impossible. But i tot everything is possible in this world????) And guess wad?! Holidays are coming! Weehee! But tchr going to fill our stomach up with loads of homework. Sianz. What do u think? Go school with no homework? Or holidays with many homework!

Haha. Then, bla bla bla. Physics clashed with test so SKIPPED. Which i Hate.D:::: The teacher so kind. Why so heartless. LOLSX! then, chinese. Tcher went thru a new 课. Then, she tok tok tok. 1hour gone! Recess. Stayed back to do homework. (Mind you. I wasn't punished. Hahas!) Then, was Math. I was so emo(emotional). The maths I had some don't know, some forget some careless. Argh! Must get an A1 no matter what. I had already 受够 le! I want to rant my anger. My marks (Flew away) O.o I did not personify. haha! I was emo thru-out the whole lesson. Very emo! Thinking of not getting an A1. LOL! Must get no matter what.

Then got geography. Bla Bla. Guess what I got! It was the best of all the 3 tests I had taken so far. 14/20. I rock! WooHoo! Congrats to WEiBIn for at least passing the test. -.-

Then,lunch. Bla bla Bla.... I hate it when it comes to food.

The had a guess wad?! Triple period of english! LOL! Tot can slack. In the end cannot. NVm. I dun wanna slack anyway. Then, at 2.20pm right. Suddenly got announcement. My prinicpal started talking.Eh what " There is an incident at the HDB. Erm, all personnel please leave the building. The police are investigating the incident and the police are encouraging us to tell all the personnel to leave the building." LOL! So unusual. Then everyone quuickly got out of the classroom. Then, walao! The noise damn loud. All asking ( WHAT had happened arh?) Fire arh? Bomb arh? LOL! I went out with my fwen. Then, while walking we saw a vehicle. Special operation thinngygy. LOL! Then, got police. We dun care and just walked past. Eh so cool and fun?! LOL!

Then, bus-ed and train-ed back home. Safely ( pin an) de reach home. Effectively billingual?! Lols!

Anyway. Guess wad?! I like art now! Haha!

Ok bye got to go and enjoy while I can.....

3 March 2009

4:04 PM


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