Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Howdy everyone!

Today for biology. LOL! The teacher called me gundo! Walau! Just becoz I forgot to put the microscope nearer to me then got scolded. I know I am in the wrong. But must u shout like to the whole class! LOL! Nvm! I am not a petty person! HAHA!

For PE, walau damn fun sia! Played a game called suicide! Damn fun! It was quite a challenging game! LOLS! Then when we were about to start a station. The China Visitors came and took our balls. Almost cannot finish the task. But never mind! They are visitors. VISITORS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT! Lols! Normal people are always left.(A lame joke -,-) Sian...

Then got english class test. So-so la! A bit too lame! I wrote like 4 sides(2 full paper and 1/16 of the 3rd paper 5th side. LOLS! I am not boasting! But dunno why today can write so much. Haiz.

Then, got ACC(Appreciation of Chinese Culture.) Sianz. Tchr nvr come! Studied about 礼 for half-an-hour and then FREE PERIOD. Some boys(those macho ones, not me!) went to show-off their muscles to the girls. LOL! So sick?! Nvm! It's like that.

Then,train-ed and walk-ed home. Went to eat nasi-lemak. Yummy! Tasty! Delicious!

Can end now?! Of coz la! LOLS!

Bye got to go coz nid to learn biology test. Must show biology tchr that I damn pro not a gundo ghin na! HAHA! Cheers everyone!

11 February 2009 3.38pm

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