The day planned so perfectly

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hi guys. Sorry for not blogging for a few years. Or maybe a few days. Hahas!

The day planned so perfectly. Why do I say so? I'll explain later.

Okay.. I woke up at about 9am (I think) feeling quite refreshed. LOLS! Then, did my daily routines and mapled for the whole morning. Then, my father fried rice for me. It tasted wonderfully. The perfect taste for fried rice. I think I had not tasted such nice rice for a long time. Or maybe since my new maid came. Oo. Then, my father painted my room while I again mapled. Then, called my mother to ask her to bring the old handphone. While my father and I brought the charger.(after my dad finished painting the room) Then, we headed down to Fu Lu Shou Complex to collect the handphone from my mum. She was preparing to do her facial. We collected the handphone and made a beeline for the Bugis Junction. LOLS! Then, we went to the M1 shop to buy my new handphone. We went to the information counter to ask if my dream handphone-N81 was available. Then, to my utter dismay, there was no N81.


I felt like the whole world was sinking onto me. AH!!!!!!!!!! No N81!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!! Then, my father cheered me up and said that N81 was bulky and wasn't 适合 for 我 to 用。 Then, I agreed and checked out for other phones. After much consideration, I chose a touchscreen phone. By Samsung. Then, went to the information counter again and applied for a number to purchase the phone from the counter. But before I purchased my new phone, I went with my dad to the trade-in counter to trade the old phone. When we reached there, there was a man in front of us. The jie-jie (the staff) and the man was like taking ages to trade in the phone. I was like "diao-diao" all the way. After what seemed like eternity, that man finally went off to dun know where. LOLS! It was finally our turn. Then that stupid jie-jie said that what need to minus $10 because the battery was bloated. My foot arh! Asked her how she knew and she said that through touching the battery. Then I took the battery and touched it! Arh!!!!!! Where got bloated? I think her stomach was the one bloated. I think she 看我不顺眼. 故意钱的。气死人了!!!!!!!!!!!!!like that 就 扣钱. What's more? $10 dollars leh. Hmph! In the end the trade in value was $40.

Oh ya! At there we saw Mark Lee from Mediacorp. He was with his wife and his baby daughter. Mark Lee was buying a brand-new handphone for his wife (I think). He was wearing a cap too.

After that, we proceeded to the counter. There, the jie-jie (different one) talked until very 罗索 leh. Talk. Talk. Talk. I even 1 word also cannot understand. Not becauseI was lousy in English. It was beacuse it was so boring until I felt like dozing off. Then, after many minutes (is it countable?) I finally got my handphone. YAYS! Cheer for me! Shout for me! Celebrate for me!

Then, at night, my family and I went to Hey Hey Hotpot to eat. There, we met another not 1 but 3 stars. Christopher Lee, Fann Wong and Jeff Wang and their friends. The food there was delicious. Go there to try their hotpot or steamboat(sort of.)

Here's the address and the telephone number. Before going , you will need to make a reservation.

Hey Hey Hotpot Restaurant
1 Selegie Road, #B1-20, Paradiz Centre
S'pore 188307, Tel: 63335166

Operating hours:
Lunch: 11.30am to 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30pm to 11pm

After that hearty meal, we went back home. Okay... got to doze off to Dreamland..... Byes...

With lots of love,
8 November 2008

1:31 PM


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