The final day of the MINI Olympics

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hi everyone.......

OO... Today's the last of the Mini Olympics held by Yew Tee Primary School.

Everything went as per normal. Yipee! Today I was so happy. The girls were competing with 6 Patience in Captain's Ball. They were all ready and equipped with the finest skills of Captain's Ball. They were all set.!

Go girls!

Then, at around 8.50am, we headed down to the hall. The matches for the semi-finals were tight. Then, at around 9.20am the game started. Whooooo! The match between Emapthy and Patience was tight. Whooooooooooooooo! Our girls did us proud by clinching finals with a close score of 10-9. Yipee!!!!!

Not long after, the finals begun. It was a tight match between Loyalty and Empathy. It was quite easy as the girls fought with them the first match. However, Loyalty seemed to be more quick and agile in catching the balls. However, 1 girl , especially kept throwing the ball off-course and Jeannie or Cheryl always managed to catch it. LOLS! We managed to clinch VICTORY after defeating them! Hooray! We won! We emerged victorious. Hooray! Yipee!

Next, was the Knockdown Challenge. We did not win the 1st match against Loyalty. There were seven cones and we needed to knock down all of them. It was exceptionally difficult. We thought it was an easy challenge. We lost to them with a score of (5-7). But that's okay. The next match was between Empathy and Respect. But before that, there was a lot of distractions and arguments. Actually, at first, Kai Jie wanted Cheryl to substitute him. She agreed. Then, Maverick wanted to join with Kar Leong. But everyone or almost everyone disagreed with them as their names wasn't written on the piece of paper. Then, they started arguing. Bla Bla Bla. Then, out of a sudden, Russell came to me and started telling me that Maverick was crying. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Disaster!!!!!!!! Then, after much arguments, Maverick did not join but Kar Leong did! OMG! But we managed to beat Respect with a score of (3-7) . But they did not manage to get into semi-finals. Let alone finals! Sobs!

Then, I was looking forward to this. The prize giving ceremony. But before that, we did the cheer. OMG! The cheer was made up at the last minute. The first attempt was like so...OMG! Everyone turned silent. Until, Daniel whispered to everyone " Ready? 1...2...3.." Then, everyone was shouting the cheer. We were given 3 minutes. But I think we only used up 1 minute or maybe lesser. Then, for the prize giving ceremony. The captain ball's team went up to receive the medals. For the crest design, we got 3rd. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, in the afternoon, Kai Jie, Maverick, Guan Hao, Zheng Yu, Nigel and me went to Russell's house. We played the Uno attack and computer. And another game was Taboo. Then, we tried out the Halo 3 and Dead or Alive game. Then, we ate Crepes. (I dunno how to spell) It was delicious. I squeezed some chocolate sauce onto the Crepes. It tasted like pancakes. Then, after that, Jia Xuan onlined. Russell, Guan Hao and I were like confusing Jia Xuan who was the person talkking to her. We had so much fun at Russell's house. It was neatly decorated. Do you know? The house was so clean that I bet that anyone can just sleep on the floor. At 6pm, we 依依不舍地离开Russell's house. Only Nigel stayed longer. Then, I headed back home. Mapled for a while and played table tennis with my brother for a while.

Okay... Tired liao! Good night everyone! ..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.... into slumber land.

With lots of love,
7 November 2008

10:03 AM


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