Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hi guys........ Another day has passed and it's almost time to say bye bye liao. I can't believe it! How I wish time could just stop for a moment and let us enjoy a few more happy moments. :) or ): I also don't know. Mixed feelings I think.

Another boring day, I guess. With 2 of my BFF absent. Again? :( ! I was so bored again. LOLS! Today did nothing much. Saw the boys competing with their own sets of Chinese chess. Walau. That stupid Maverick asked me to get lost when I was learning how to play Chinese chess. He was actually teaching Melvyn 37, though. But I did not even disturb them lol. Curse him la. Argh!!!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to ask one question and he asked me to shut up and get lost. He very bad horh. :(..... I was so embarrassed when he asked me to get lost la. Curse him lah! Treat me so bad. Argh!!!!!!! Think what? He 2nd in class can bully people is it? Lame la him!

Okay, for recess I played Monkey again. LOLS! Again I kept sabboing Jamie. Today was just extremely fun and I laughed and had a whale of a time. But I don't know what happened to me. It was just as per normal and nothing special really happened. But, I just could not stop laughing and enjoying myself. Probably I don't want to be separated with my friends. LOLS! I really very 舍不得 my friends all 离开我。我好像哭哦!Oh my gosh! Tomorrow will be the last day in school playing with all my friends. Hope that Kai Jie will come to school tomorrow and Russell will enjoy his trip to London.

When I went up to class, watched them playing chess again. LOLS! It's kind of boring in her man! I wished that there would be another Mini Olympics games again and we'll WIN AND LOSE TOGETHER.

Think that's all for today. Nothing else much to write liao. Erm.. My length of the blog seemed to be decreasing right? Cannot blame me leh! School was quite boring and there's nothing else to write. Oh yeah, before I go, I must tell my class position. It's 17th. Nothing much to boast about. More than 17 people beat me lorhx. I am so lousy. But I think that PSLE is much more important. So the Primary Sixes, let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that we'll score well for PSLE and not only make our parents and teachers proud, but also yourself.

Okay got to go liao. Sayonara.

With lots of love,
12 November 2008

3:00 PM


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