My worst day ever

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hi everyone! Today's blog will be a short one as I am utterly upset with my maid. Okay, I woke up as per normal and did my normal routines. Once again, I asked my father if my hair was long. Then, he repeated."Aiyo, gorgor. Don't worry la! If your teacher says that your hair is too long, ask her to call my hand phone." LOLS! But fortunately, when I when to school, there was no spot check again. Phew! Today wore the wrong attire. Supposed to be PE I wore uniform. Yesterday, Madam Chua asked those last in the line to past down the message" Tomorrow, we are having PE today. Wear your PE attire tomorrow." Then, the next day still have people wearing uniform. Why? There are 2 reasons. 1st is that the pupils forgot to wear. 2nd is the message wasn't past down to those sitting away from teachers. I belong to the 2nd one. But I thought never mind. Since it was meant to be a happy day, I'll just have to bear with it. Okay, after the morning assembly, our class immediately proceeded to the classroom. We put our bags and went straight to the basketball court. Then, to our dismay, it was used for the soccer training. Well, not at all was it sad to us. We still had the parade square. The boys "VS"ed the girls. If I wasn't wrong, the boys won. Then, at 8.30 am, we had to go back to class to cool down before Regent Secondary School comes to talk to us. Sianzx... Then, when I went back to class, I fished out for my water bottle at supersonic speed. As I was thirsty and I mean really thirsty. Then, disaster struck. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

My water bottle was lost. Really lost. My head was spinning and twirling like the roller coaster in Genting Highlands. A million thoughts flashed through my mind. Could my maid have not packed my water bottle. This was the worst thought ever. And yes! After checking my bag for countless times, I realised my "not-hoping-that-dream-will-happen" dream 实现 (came alive). My water bottle wasn't packed by my maid! Argh! How I wished the time could travel faster and I could go back home faster. Argh! I was so thirsty. I was hoping that a bottle of mineral bottle will drop down from the sky. So disgusted. No water and felt like dying of dehydration.

Ah!...Luckily the talk lasted for half an hour. Then, actually borrowed money from Nigel, then decided to return him the money as I wasn't that thirsty. That was a grave decision. I was so dumb. Dumb with a capital 'D'. I went to help the girls captain ball team to practise for their small "tournament". LOLS! OMG! Not on magic guard in maple story. It was oh my gosh! I was perspiring and so thirsty. Ah! My perspiration can form a pool in any swimming pool. LOLS!

Ah!!!!! So sweaty! Felt like dying. No water! Going to get dehydrated. Save me! Anyone! LOLS! That pig shit or better known as Darryl don't know for what? He threw Shermaine's volleyball to me and asked me to pass to her. I heard wrongly. Instead I put it back to class. Then, when down to the hall for the last talk(I really hoped it's the last) by West Spring Secondary School. It was so boring. The teacher or maybe vice-principal was so strict. But I can feel that the school really is very big. Didn't pay much attention to the slides. Why? I was too thirsty. Who cares about the slides anyway?! Would rather die of thirst than to listen to those boring slides! Kept talking about their core values and whatever they achieved academic value-added?! So lame! Every school also say that! No uniqueness in the schools. LOLS!


Finally, it's assembly time. There was a lady playing a bulky harp. Quite dexterous! A round of applause. Oh ya! Before that, I must sincerely thank my form teacher, Madam Chua for letting me quench my thirst. Although I saw that she did it quite reluctantly. A big thanks to her! Muacks! Phew! Was very or supersonic regenerated.Okay! Got to thoroughly enjoy myself. But still was thirsty. Then, when the bell struck 12.30pm, I rushed back home. Gulped down cups of water. Scolded my maid for being careless.

Okay... should be enough for the day right? I got to go! Bye!

With lots of love,
5 November 2008

1:24 PM


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