Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh my gosh! 1 more official day left before school really ends. Well, not really. We still have PSLE Results day. I am so scared. I have a premonition that I'll do badly in PSLE! Today was fun! I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Pestering Darryl into writing my autograph book and stuff. It was so thrilling. Looking at the annoyed faces, I laughed. So funny, Darryl. XD.

Today, woke up at 6.40am. LOLS! Very late horhx. Then, ate breakfast liao went to school. Zzzz! It was drizzling. So what happened? I went up to class. Halfway up I saw Nhita (I think). Forgot what we talked about liao. Then, was so surprise. I was one of the earliest boys. Not the earliest but one of the earliest. Then, watched the boys playing chess. Wah!!! Very 精彩! I think most of the times was KarLeong who won. LOLS! King of chess I think. XD. Then, after Mdm Chua came in. I pestered her to write in my autograph book. Then, she said she was very busy. I pitied on her. After PSLE still must work so hard. Sobs! Then, sang the national anthem as usual. Then, after that, watched more chess-playing. LOLS! Luckily, today Kai Jie came. Thanks God. At least someone to talk to. He told me that he was down with flu. So pitiful! Hope u can recover soon! Then, it was very boring. So I took my autograph book and decided to let the rest of the class sign. Phew! Finally, Jasper, Kar Leong, Ryan, Melvin and Melvyn signed my autograph book. Yay! Long Live all of you! Now only left 2 people haven't write, actually in fact three. They are as follows: Darryl, Zi Ling and Zheng Yu. Argh!!! My dream to let everyone is shattered. So sad. Sobs!

Then, after that, soon we went to the hall to have our last and final talk by Kranji Secondary School. Their school is average lah. But I feel like choosing that as my first choice. They have Table Tennis leh. I want to join that school but then.... Aiya! I am now so confused. So many choices of schools for us. I don't even know which school to go now. I am very lost in the deep blue sea. Oh well, not in the sea. In the sea of schools! All the schools seemed tempting except some schools. Well, I'm sure most of you will know. Those infamous schools. Like.... Can't tell!

Okay, what's my criteria for my dream school.
One that offers Higher Mother Tongue.
One that does not do all the performing and stuff. Scriptwriting is okay but only of the topic is interesting to write about.
One that offers table tennis.
One that has an aggregate of at least 230 and above.
One that has good peers and teachers to guide me along through the 4 years.
One that is Academic Value Added School.
One that stimulates a student interest of learning. AND LASTLY
One that has state-of-art facilities.

I am so... erm... picky and choosy. So many 条件. LOLS! I wonder what school offers this kind of things. LOLS! It's so impossible. My dream can never be completed. LOLS!

Okay, because of that, there's wasn;t any PE! Oh my gosh! That school dampened our spirits. This was supposed to be our last PE lesson. How can they do this to me?! Why must they do it on our PE lesson?! Why?! Why?! Why?! But anyway, it was drizzling. LOLS! Then, when back to class. Mdm Ng, our Health Education teacher came. Thought of asking her to write in my autograph book. But since even Jamie never like her write, then I maybe don't want. LOLS! In the end at 9am she went off. Felt regrettful. Should have let her to write.

Then, Mrs Cheng came. Then, she sat down and a few girls asked her to write. I wanted to. But I think that time Ryan was still writing in my autograph book. Then, after she signed the girls one right, she asked some of the pupils to help her to dismantle the art pieces for the Yell Mini Museum. Helped Mrs Cheng with Kai Jie, Prisca, Claire and Jia Wen. It was so fun. Helped to dismantle. And then there was one part when me and Kai Jie needed to fold a cloth-like curtain. Then, actually I did not like to fold clothes or I did not really know how to, I played the folding game with Kai Jie. Then, in the end, got humiliated by the girls. They kept laughing at us and said that the way we folded the cloth-like curtains was like erm.. so wrong or lame. Cannot blame me. I don't really do housework lorhs.

Then, after the whole 1 hour we finished. But what happened?! Mrs Cheng had no time to write in my book. Argh!!!!!!!!! Then, went up to class and illegally stayed there. Kar Leong and Maverick and a few other boys also went up to play chess. I tried playing the Chinese Chess with KAr Leong. What's the dire consequences? I lost to him and actually left 1 piece (which was the general) when I died. LOLS! I am not talented in this kind of Board Games. LOLS!:(. Then, I think I carried on pestering Darryl and still FAILED! Arh?! Then, whenever everytime I said bad things about him horh. What would he say. "Aiya. I actually wanted to help you write one lehs. Wasted!" Argh!!! So angry with him. Then, I saw something unusual. Ke Xuan wasn't at her seat. Then, I asked Jamie and then she pointed out where she was. Then, I looked for her. Such coincidence that she finished solving her Rubik cube. Then, I saw one chessboard on the table. Then, I taught her how to play the Majong(fake one). She picked up the rules and had a whale of a time lehs. So fun played with Kai Jie, Daniel and Kar Leong too. So fun. Ke Xuan laughed until horhs... indescribable.

After that, Mdm Chua said that the last period cannot play. LOLS!

Went for chinese class and let more people sign. But still, Darryl did not sign. Argh!!! When arh, Darryl?! Let some of the girls from 6 Respect to sign. LOLS! Today only 1 period. So impossible to let everyone sign right. So sad?!

Then, what did we do during the last period? Before Mdm Chua came, Cheryl and friends wrote on the whiteboard. LOLS! Then, when Mdm Chua came, she asked if anyone wanted to help her clean the whiteboard. Maverick volunteered and started erasing the whiteboard. Then, Cheryl and Shermaine kept complaining (whispered) that they wanted to take a picture of the whiteboard. LOLS! They were like so angry. Then when everyone settled down, we did a survey. Daniel kept or maybe almost everything also say disagree. LOLS! Everyone laughed.

Oh my gosh! 12.45pm. Going to end school already. No!!!!!!!! Musn't let this happen? But what can I do? 只能眼巴巴地看每分每一秒那样地过去。Oh my gosh! Schook is going to close. Help!!!!!!! Then, when school finally ended, I helped Mdm Chua to carry things down to her pigeon hole with Nigel and Kai Jie. Then, when we reached the canteen, we saw Mrs Tan our principal was waving goodbye to everyone. So kind and sweet. Hehe! She is a kind lady. Then, Nigel asked me and Kai Jie to wave her goodbye. We said okay lorhs. But anyway, tomorrow we are still going to see her what?? But maybe don't have this chance tomorrow!

Then, walked back home in the drizzling rain.

Today is much, much better than the 2 other days.

Okay liao, very tired. Think my hands are rotting. Byes. Sayonara.

PS: Those who know my blog. Please dress up nicely for tomorrow. It's the last day that we are together again. Dress nicely horh. Okay???

With lots of love,
13 November 2008

4:38 PM


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