Tuesday, November 18, 2008

~Sigh~ Another boring day I should say... However, going out made me feel much better. At least, I don't need to be cooped and home and just maple the whole day.

The whole morning was kind of boring. Mapled and mapled and mapled the whole morning. How I wished the time could travel faster and reach noon in a flash. Soon, it was about 11 am. I prepared myself and ate my lunch. Then, I went down happily to the MRT station but it was drizzling or raining?! (Can't remember)

At there, I met Jia Wen and Claire. Claire kept pestering me to hide from static girl's (Prisca) mother. For what?! I thought that static girl's mother did not allow her to hang out with boys. Later I knew that she did not even tell her mother that she was going out with boys. -.-! Then, Maverick came only to grumble that he was supposedly going to Kai Han's house to play what "Yugioh" or something like that. Ew! I hate these kind of violent games although I play sometimes.

Then, I was mocking Jia Wen and Maverick. Maverick kept hitting me. Ouch! It was indeed painful but who cares?! As long it's fun mocking them... Soon, the static girl came. I did not even notice her coming. LOLS! Then, I accidentally spurted out something wrong to Jia Wen. Oops! I was feeling so embarrassed but luckily Maverick pulled me away. But by the ears, ouch! It's was so painful. Then, Claire came to us asking me what happened to me. Then I explained that I did not even know that static girl was there. LOLS! Then, Claire told me that Jia Wen weaved out a lie saying that Maverick and I last-minute came. LOLS! But that's a wonderful lie, though.

Then, we were on our way to embark on a new journey... LOLS! Not a new one, but the first one. ~Laughs~ Then, we sat the train to Boon Lay to reach our destination, Jurong Point. Although I came to Jurong Point before, I wasn't that familiarise with the whole mall. Then, we went to MacDonald to eat our lunch. As I had eaten my lunch, I decided not to eat my lunch and carried on with my work. All of you should be curious with what I was doing... I was actually saving the contacts in my autograph book to my hand phone. LOLS! So I did not really watch them eat. Out of a sudden, Maverick asked everybody," Do you like eating crabs?" Then, I thought of a brilliant idea. Then I started chanting," Maverick loves to talk crap as he loves to eat crabs." Then, everyone started laughing. Maverick was like so embarrassed. Sorry, Maverick. No offence. Then, again, Claire was pestering me. But now, she wanted me to help everyone buy the movie tickets. Then, I declined the "offer". I wasn't familiarise with Jurong Point. What if I get lost?! Phew! Soon after, we missed the show. Yay! I hate watching movies sometimes, when I am not in my mood. We decided to take the NEOPRINTS first. Maverick was actually so against with the idea but after the relentless pleads by the giggly girls, Maverick reluctantly agreed. LOLS! Then, we mix-and-match and soon the 5 photographs were taken. Soon, it was time to edit. Haiz! The girls took so long editing the photographs. Maverick lost concentration and decided to look at an army officer playing one of the shooting games at the arcade. I asked Maverick to try out one game but his parents did not allow him to play at the arcade. LOLS! I actually thought of sponsoring him 1 game but he declined. He was so obedient.:) After ages, the girls were ready and we soon left. But before we left, the girls borrowed a pair of scissors from the cashier and started cutting the photographs. After that, we went to the movie theatre and checked out the next timings. But all wasn't right. Then, we were so out of ideas and lost. Then, we decided to ask Maverick to lead us the way. Then, Jia Wen suggested a good idea. We should go to Kiddy Palace. So, we walked happily. Not everyone though. Maverick was grumpy and kept saying that he would rather go to Kai Han's house. Then, we headed to Kiddy Palace and started being like a child and played with the plush toys. Actually, it was only me and Jia Wen playing with them The static girl and Claire were arranging the neoprints while Maverick was sitting at a corner, feeling restless. After which, the girls managed to sort the neoprints out and we left the place. Then, I suggested going to Lot 1 and they all agreed. On the way to the MRT station, Claire kept pushing the static girl's hand away as she said that the static girl was passing static electric to her. That's how the static girl got her name. LOLS!

We soon left Jurong Point for Lot 1. We reached there in a flash of lightning. Boom! LOLS! Then, we walked to Mini Toons and the girls were searching for the couple key chains or friendship key chains. Then, they went to More for Words. They practically roamed every gift store and brought the boys haywire. LOLS! At one of the shops, we spotted Madam Chua and we screamed. Then, Madam Chua was so embarrassed and pulled our legs by saying that she did not know us. Little did we know that she was there to buy a card(I think so). LOLS! Then, we bade her goodbye. Then, Claire had a sudden craving for a drink and she bought herself a drink. (Oh my god I had forgotten what drink she bought). After that short "break", we decided to go up to continue searching for the key chains. Then, we spotted Madam Chua. Once again.... She was buying herself a drink. I think she was buying fruit juice. LOLS! Soon, we bade her goodbye and continued our search.

Soon, the girls settled themselves to a key chain and the static girl and Claire shared one key chain. Jia Wen, unfortunately, did not buy. Then, it was about 4.05pm. The static girl had to go and there were only 4 of us. We left Mini Toons soon after and Maverick pestered to watch movie. We went up to the cinema and started looking at the available time slots. None was suited to me. The moment I watched any of these movies, I would be late to reach home. -.-! Then, Maverick kept saying that the Madagascar movie wasn't that long. Even it was 1 hour and 25 minutes or 1 hour, I would still be late. then, I suggested that they went in and I went home. But they kept pestering me to go! LOLS! Then, I suggested that if the next time we were going, we should plan out everything and look out for a time slot. LOLS! Then, the trio left reluctantly after my relentless persuasion. We decided to head back home.

When we reached the MRT station, a sight of a teenage boy greeted us. He said that he was to sell some 摆设品 to earn money as he was poor. He was selling his things at $2. I wasn't at all interested after seeing all the scandals from welfare organisations. So, I pestered Maverick to ignore him and just go. But he just stayed there. My suspicion aroused when the teenager started calling Maverick "Bro"! Then, Maverick started coughing up some excuses that he was broke and had no money. Then, the teenager started saying that he had already given us a discount of a dollar. LOLS! Then, not wasting time, I immediately pulled Maverick and said that we were so not interested to buy their goods.

We immediately went up to the station and the girls sat down. Maverick was like saying that he wasn't sure that he should not buy the goods. But I said that it was fine and asked him not to let it bother him anymore unless he wanted to leave the station and buy from that teenager. Then, as the train had not reached the stations, we decided to chit-chat on our holiday plans. Then, Claire was like saying that Jia Wen liked watching Korean Drama Series.... The rest are a secret. Shh!

Soon, the train came and we boarded it. We reached our destination and bade one another farewell. Such a coincidence that Jia Wen, Claire and Maverick went the same way. Then, I waved them goodbye and started walking home.

Upon reaching home, I mapled and mapled again. Haiz! I wonder if my holidays were to be as boring to an extend as to maple and maple everyday.

But one thing for sure, the Primary Sixes would be very busy. There would be the collection of results, posting exercise, results of the posting exercise and the reporting of the new secondary school.

PS: Once again, I wish good luck to everyone and hope that you'll score well in PSLE! May you all score with flying colours.

With lots of love,
17 November 2008

11:10 AM


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