The So Boring Day

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So how did today started..... First I woke up at 6.40am and brushed my teeth and ate breakfast. What I ate??? Bread with sugar...It tasted so well....okay la. So-so only. Ok then changed my clothes and was prepared to embark to school. Okay...wasn't that prepared. Because Madam Chua, my form teacher said that there would be 4 Secondary Schools coming to talk or maybe BOAST about their schools. Okay bla bla bla...... Walk to school as per normal. Oh ya, forgot to say that yesterday was pestering with my parents. I asked them if my hair was long. And this morning I asked my dad again. He told me in Mother Tongue,'' Aiyo...gorgor how many times must you ask me. I already said NO!" Okay he can't blame me for that....I was worried if would get caught. You know? I want to have a clean record before I leave the school. Oh ya talking about the school, 10 more days to end of the primary education. I can't believe it?! I will be leaving all my good friends and good teachers. AH!!!!! I really can't believe it! But, well, that's part and parcel of our life, right? We all need to learn to let go. But I will be sobbing,wah!!!!!!!!!!! ,okay enough of the nonsense.

Okay,...where was I? Oh ya... walking to school. My dad brought me to the school gate before leaving to work. Then, as usual, I walked up to the hall and sat with the girls. Okay, enough with all the dirty minds, I sat with girls because I was early and not because I like to flirt with girls. That's what most of the boys always mock me. I am warning all of YOU "I am not a flirt!" Okay enough?! Why am I always out of the topic?! Okay back to the topic... I was reading my usual book again for silent reading. Then, my friend, Guan Hao came at 7.05am Everyone in my class that was present were shocked. Why shocked?! That's because he always came so late and was always at the end of the class line. Thus, it was so untypical of him to come so early and I meant really early. It was draggy. And I was also hoping that there would be no spot check today. I waited and waited. That's funny?! I waited till 7.20am and no teacher asked us to keep our books and wait for our teacher to conduct the spot check. I was so happy. At least I can still wait for 1 more day. Then, shortly after, the school bell rang and everyone started to sing the national anthem. Bla Bla Bla. Then, when the anthem ended, the discipline mistress stood at the stage and started to explain that the spot check would be postponed to tomorrow. Phew! Lucky! No spotcheck! Okay then the Primary Twos and Fives started moving and moving. They were walking like snails horh?! It took them to 5 to 10 minutes to clear the hall. The Primary Sixes were called to stayed back as the boring day had just begun. Everyone was like chanting for Assumption English School. But I didn't know why. Aiyo! Since everyone was chanting that, I thought of following. "Assumption! Assumption! Assumption!" LOLS! In the end, GreenRidge Secondary School was first to present. However, before that, Mrs Kok, our vice principal or prinicpal-to-be talked to us. Aiyo. She don't know heard Mdm Kamisah said that what we were so talkative until we kena scolded by Chua Chu Kang Secondary School. Ah ya! She also could not attract our attention what to do?! That's why she needed to scold us to attract our attention. LOLS! Okay back to the topic.

GreenRidge left a deep impression and they were quite united. They really bond as a big family. Maybe I will consider that school. Their first impression to me was very good. Okay after that wonderful or excellent talk by them, we were sent back to class to place our bags down. Then, at 9am we headed back to the hall for the next presentation by Unity Secondary School. Well, now everyone wasn't hoping for Assumption and instead hoped that Regent does not come. Okay, theirs was quite well. But not as good as GreenRidge. LOLS! I never say that theirs wasn't good. It's just that it is not as good as GreenRidge. Then, recess was here. Played captain ball. Helped the girls team to practise. Then, it was Assumption followed by ZhengHua Secondary School.


Then, finally, it was time to go home. Did nothing much. Just played computer games. Maplestory. Time past so fast. At dinner time disaster struck. My brother came home telling me his sucking results. OMG! I was thinking. If this would be the results he get in primary education, what's more in secondary education. (Ah...going to faint)

Ok its late now. Got to go bye!

November 4 2008

12:22 PM


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