Today was Extremely Fun

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hi everyone! Today I was extremely happy because the Mini Olympics organised by Yew Tee Primary School arrived. At about 9am we were called to assemble at the hall. The wait for the Olympics to start was long. Bla Bla Bla. Finally, the so called "torch" finally arrived at Yew Tee Primary School after running through many countries. Mainly from Greece to Singapore then to Yew Tee. (Commented by the teacher-in-charge)Then, we said the Olympics Pledge or they call it the oath. Then, Mr Helmi came to declare the Games opened. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!The Games was about to commence. Our performance was exceptionally well but other classes were also very good.

For the tug of war, our class 6 Empathy won the very first round(3-0) because everyone was still fresh. Our competitor was 6 Loyalty. They were quite good. But we had Daniel. He was our star. Hooray ! We won! Everyone screamed and shout as loud as they can. I think that sportsmanship was really important.

The members were:
Melvyn 37
Melvin 34
and of course our star,

They were exceptionally professional. They really pulled till the end. Their perseverance was really very good. Then, I didn't know why the team for soccer and tug of war was the same.


What happened? Their timings to play both sports clashed! My mind was whirling as fast as the roller coaster. I immediately ran to the girls and they immediately shouted to the boys playing soccer. They lost to 6 Loyalty. I think the score was (1-3). If I wasn't wrong. Phew! Lucky the soccer match ended. OMG! They hurried up the stairs and when I saw them, I was utterly shocked. Why? Because they were all sweaty and tired. That wasn't a good news. Why? All their energy was drained out by that soccer match. OMG! We were in deep trouble. The team did not have much strength to pull the rope. But I could see that they really put in their best. They really persevered till the very end. But because they were tired and had no energy they eventually lost to 6 Respect (0-3). But I think that it was very good already. At least they put in their very best. Well done to the soccer cum tug of war team. A round of applause please.

Then, the girls' captain ball team cum the soccer team played their game concurrently. The soccer team lost again to 6 Respect (0-3) but I think that they had indeed put up a fierce fight. It's not that our team was lousy, we were good. It's just that other teams were better. But most importantly we must have FUN!

The girls' captain ball team did us proud by qualifying the semi-finals together with 6Loyalty with 18 points, 6 Perseverance with 29 points and 6 Patience with 39 points. The girls' captain ball team won 6 Loyalty(14-8) and 6 Respect (12-2). They were very good as when I observed them, their catching and dribbling of the ball was commendable. Well done girls! All the best to your semi-finals. Oh ya! Talking about semi-finals, the girls' captain ball team will be competing with 6 Patience. OMG! It will be a tough match. Their team are leading by 13 points. It would be difficult unless the girls perform well tomorrow. Good luck girls and you must bring glory to our class. 6 Empathy rules and rocks forever. Okay... enough.

The team members were:
Ke Xuan
Xue Yin

For the tug-of-war, we did not win.
1st was 6 Patience
2nd was 6 Care
3rd was 6 Respect(only banded class)
4th was 6 Courage

Well done!

Okay... Good luck to me as I will be competing with 6 Loyalty. Knockdown Challenge it would be. Everyone putting high hopes on us. So I hope that my team and I will put in our best to win. But most importantly, HAVE FUN!

With lots of love,
6 November 2008

1:36 PM


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