Thursday, April 30, 2009


Sry guys, I am damn busy these few weeks and lazy, in fact... AND Haha ... I feel like blogging now. SInce tmr is LABOUR DAY where all the workers rest.. And I think students must rest too... Why teachers always love to give homework on holidays... The meaning of holidays is to enjoy oneself... HAHA....

And for my camping trip... HAHA... I apologize for not updating..... Haha. The Camp was damn damn slack.... There is practically no thrilling things except for some... AND the people there are weird.. o.O

The NCC boys of Nan Hua together with the girls... boarded the same bus... Haha... And the girls kept singing the same song over and over again. Then the teacher-in-charge who is my Maths Teacher, just sat there, laughing.... Then I asked her if she only taught the Female Cadats how to sing that song...

When we reached there, walau... They make us sit in the hot sun sia.... WHILE my friends are enjoying their time in schoolss...

And it was defiitely not okay.... The weather is so hot... GLOBAL WARMING>>>>

AND WE PLAYED like ARCHERY which I definitely suck at that... I SUCK>..... And THERE was Paint ball which was supposed to be the key part of the camp.... In the end. We just got to shoot balls at wooden stuff and make them dirty with the paint balls...

Then we went for FLYING FoX. I was actually damn scared u know... The harness ... WALAU the what specialist or what 3rd sergeant or whatever name lah... GO PULL THE HARNESS SO TIGHT UNTIL MY WHOLE BODY was so pain. D:D:D:D:D:D:D: Sad.... :x....

The flying fox was quite fun lah... Except that it was quite scary whe u climb up the staircase. My heart was really in the mouth.. But i told myself that it was suiciding without dying.. HAHA... In the end, I did not die..

Then there was the camp feast where the platoons will come together to perform a skit.... My platoon copied the ARMY days.... The drop 10 cents coin one... HAHA
In the end we got 2nd place

The food in there sucks like hell. My grandma can cook better... It's a fact

The second day was high elements and rock climbing... I did not dare to do the high elements.. Cos i remembered that that time when I was in primary 5... I did it in dairy farm camp... I climbed all the way up and haven even take 3 steps I tripped and fell... I did not want the same thing to happen... SO I skipped it.... Then due to time constrain my platoon did not try rock climbing.. HAHA...

That day's food suck too....

The camp was slack. The second day's lunch. Tell u what.. We were sleeping for an hour afetr having lunch.. When most of u were having lessons. Damn slack right... No foot drills... No lessons... Luckily the homework was not really a lot... I took 1 1/2 days to chiong the homework finish...


Okay... gt to go now... See you guys... Enjoy ur Labour Day...

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