Thursday, June 25, 2009

HAHA guys. Am here to blog again... I have enjoyed myself for the past three days... HAHA... Slacking of course with my family and cousins. :D


My cousins train-ed down to KFC to have breakfast with me and my brother.... HAHA.... Ordered a cp of hot milo and the a.m. porridge meal. HAHA. It tasted quite okay... But the chicken was too little...

Then, we came back and my brother had tuition... My cousins and I slacked by maple-ing... HAHA.. Fun LOL... Then, ate lunch at Macdonalds.. Saw Nigel there(Primary School friend not Sceondary School one.). Chatted for a while...

Then, in the afternoon, we went to book a table tennis table at the Choa Chu Kang Swimming Complex. LOL.. We thought that we needed an adult to be with us to book. LOL... In the end, anyone can book one lor.. HAHA... Booked for a table which costs $1.50 per horu(non-peak Hours only)....

HAHA.... Enjoyed myself sia... Kept losing my brother, though. -.-

Then for dinner, we ate at toast box.. Near my house. LOL. Damn fun sia...


HAHA.... In the morning, my brother and I slacked.. WOOTS~.... So long never relaxed that much le...

Then, In the afternoon, car-ed down to my cousin's house and pick them up to go for lunch. After eating a bowl of noodles(wanton) DAMN DELICIOUS~, we went to swim. I was gonna have my Nassa Swimming Silver Test... HAHA.... In the end, this is what happened..... For the first 2 laps, I swam in less than 3 minutes... WOOTS~. The criteria was 4 mins... WOOTS~. Fastest leh.. HAHAz.

Then, got one service dive sia... Almost failed that leh.. I tried for like 3 times before passing leh. fially, the fourth time I PASSED!. Woots~

Then, after that, took a bath and car-ed down to IMM.... HAD Crystal Jade for dinner. Woots~...

Then, brought my brother to tuition LOL.... YAY~ Ended my day so wonderfully...


HAHA... We went to DownTown East to play.. LOTS OF GAMEs.. HAHA.. First, played BOWLING... HAHA... At first right, my bowling sucks lor.. The ball dunno why? Like don't like me lor. Kept Diverting itself into the (LONG GOU) Aiya! whatever.. It's the two things at the side.... LOL... Then my score was only 20... LOL.. Can u believe it?! Only 20... Then, the next game we played, I improved tremendously leh... 66 points haha....

WENT to KFC for lunch.. LOL... Ordered 2 sets of FAMILY MEAL.. WOOTS~... Kept snatching the drumsticks and left the other parts, to the adults which was my dad and mum. HAHA...

After that, we went to the EXPLORER KID.. Aiya.. It's like a place for kids to enjoy.. HAHA...

Then we went and had lots of fun LOL... erm, then played with balls... LOL.... Then the staff kept asking us to come out u know... HAHA... Cos we too big sized ler.. LOL... HAHA... We illegally went in, took a photo... My cousin took it.. Dunnoe if can rip it out of her blog... LOLS..

Then went K-BOx.. Woots~.....Kept spamming the titbits. AHA... Cos it was free-flowing. HAHA..

HAHA.. My most memorable 3 days have gone... but the fond memories will always stay with me forever.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

HAHA... ANyway, the H1N1 getting worse. LOL... HAHA.

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