Tuesday, August 25, 2009

HELLO everybody. it's me again. Yeah, slacking. Okie this sucks. U know what happened today? during school?

this is what happened. Morning.
NCC got what dunno briefing. then need to go to the canteen. Fine, i go. In the end, go le. Say so little. Wasted my time sia.

Physics. Damn fun. Light. New chapters. I always lurve new chapters.

Eng lit. So boring sia. Sian. I almost fell asleep XD.

Eh. recess. let see. oh did my yue du bao gao. For fun. XD

Erm music. Okay this is the funny part...

U know what? My music teacher came to the class. Saying. "Alamak. I lost my handbag u know. Aiyo, I dunno if i place it at the top of my car. Aiya. Class. I will go down and check. Meanwhile, i want u all huh to listen to the pieces. No talking boy." then she went down. LOLS. Make fun of mummy yijun. Damn fun. Cos. my mummy now sitting with daddy in class. HAHA. Damn fun.

Eh. English. Is the worse of all.....

This is what happened. My english teacher brought us to the computer lab to do project. then. some of my friends went to play with the mic. Then it made the screeching sound. LOLS. my tchr damn pissed. LOLS.

Then she made us admit whu was the culprit. no one admitted. So she made us stand in front of the classroom for 1/2 hr. HAHA. SO fun. can slack. But she is damn angry u know.
When we went back to class she was very angry angry angry. ):. She even commented that no one admitted and she said that we were useless and it is not genuine to teach us anymore. I very scared leh. Though i thk that the person did not do it on purpose. Haiz. He/She shld have admitted. and explained that it was a mere incident. HAiz. Nvm. I not angry with that person. I was just hungry. XD

Eh. lunch. Ate ler then go bac to class. then hor chairman was like discussing what if form tchr know how. HAHA. In the end. When she came, she had no idea lor. XD
MAde us write a compo. LOLS.

Eh. Acc. LOLS. boring like hell lah. Almost slept cos too chim.XD. HHAAHAHA,

OKay. I am so worried about tomorrow. D:. Maths paper. I wanna own everyone pls la. Tmr my birthday i wish can be as lucky as weetiong. PLS. PLS. Santa. pls grant me my wish. Though its not christmas, Nvm. But i really hope. D:. pls. PLs. Pls.

Okay. My bdae is coming, YAY!, tmr actually. YAY!
HAHA, I wish that i can top in tmr maths paper. PLS. lah. Pls lah, I must lose to anyone. Math crucial paper. PLS. PLS. PLs. LEt me top luhh. PLs

Omg. I feel like crying again. D:. Must get top.



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